How to Place a Football Bet


Football is a fantastic sport to wager on. Its scoring system encourages gambling, with millions of dollars gambled on football each year. There are several ways to bet on football, ranging from the simplest to the most complicated.

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The Fundamentals-Point Spreads

The point spread is the most basic sort of football wager. A point spread is simply the amount by which a sports book predicts a team will win. If the Miami Dolphins are a -7 favorite over the Seattle Seahawks, for example, winning a wager on Miami requires them to win by more than seven points.

If you choose Seattle, you’ll earn a +7, which means you’ll win as long as Miami doesn’t win by more than eight points. To avoid ties, the line may have an extra half-point in some circumstances. If the line was -7.5, for example, a bet on Seattle would win if Miami lost or won by a score or less.

Football Parlays Bet

A parlay is similar to a regular odds wager. A parlay is a gamble in which you choose multiple teams to win and receive odds on your wager. You lose nothing if any of your teams lose. Bettors prefer parlays because they may earn a lot more money than if they bet each game separately, but winning all of the games is difficult.

Football-Teasers Betting

A teaser is similar to a parlay, however you get extra points to utilize instead of odds. For example, you may have a six-point teaser with two teams. This implies that for each game, you can use six extra points.

For example, you could wish to wager on the Giants, who are favored by -5 points over the Packers, and the Falcons, who are favored by +4 points over the Panthers. If you combined the two teams in a two-team teaser, you could give the Giants six points to make them a one-point underdog, and the Falcons six points to make them a 10-point underdog.

If the Giants win or tie the game, and the Falcons win or lose by less than ten points, you win your bet. You’ll lose your teaser if one of these things doesn’t happen.